Vainglorious Games

Photo by Matt Carlson"Hi, I am Dr. Eric B. Vogel, a clinical Psychologist and professor who also designs games. I make psychotherapeutic and educational games as well as hobby games. Vainglorious Games is the imprint I use for my game design house. My games currently in print include Romans Go Home, published by Lui-meme and Zeppelin Attack, published by Evil Hat Productions.  My cognitive psychotherapy games, Land of Psymon, published by the WPS Creative Therapy Store and El Planeta de los Psimon, published by TEA Ediciones are also in print.  My games Armorica, Cambria and Hibernia are currently out of print, but you can still find copies available from some online retailers; these links will take you to the BGG pages for the out of print games.   I update the Vainglorious Games Facebook page a lot more frequently than I do this webpage, so for the latest news about things like the release dates or appearances, please visit the: Vainglorious Games Facebook page.